scott miller is a genius

March 27, 2000

Walked in the door after baby class and grocery shopping tonight to the sound of the phone. Work calling… spent a half hour trying to figure out why all of the charts were going into redirect loops. SourceSafe problems. Figured it out and felt pretty good, especially since a) no one in my group (including me) screwed anything up, b) Chris is probably still in labor with his wife and therefore not available, and c) Jamie is incommunicado in the Carribean. I was starting to sweat (and I’m sure Pat felt the same way). Things are currently being fixed.

Baby class was interesting tonight. Spent most of the time talking about what to expect after labor (which if I’ve not yet told you – I’m glad I don’t have to go through).

Listening to the new Loud Family CD ( – scott miller is a genius and they’ll be playing the 400 Bar on April 11th! I’ve never seen them live, and can’t wait!

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