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a prediction

November 29, 2000

Very few American children will be given the name ‘Chad’ in the near future.

the house is coming along nicely

November 23, 2000

Happy Thanksgiving. Shane and Luke are doing a great job on the renovation. The kitchen cabinets are starting to go into place, the new french door is in place at the back of the house and the window has been moved to the side (where the old door used to be). Found an interesting area two days ago; the ceiling above what was and will be the pantry was false and above it was a pristene wood ceiling. The area apparently used to be a porch, some time not too long ago. We exposed it and plan on cleaning it up.The (substitute the fourth vowel in the alphabet for the ‘_’ – I don’t want to get sued for trademark infringement – they’re psycho about it – pretty ridiculous) commercials started last night during West Wing. The site stayed up. I’m happy about that and a lot surprised even. I’ll be amazed if the site has any of the stupid ‘lifestyle’ crap within a year. It’s such fluff and the average user is going to have to wait so long for downloads, they’ll leave and shop at a good site like Eddie Bauer or Lands End.

boy am i sleepy…

November 8, 2000

Was up pretty late watching the election coverage. I still can’t believe what is going on. To think that the difference was 1600 votes over an entire state as big as populous as Florida is so bizarre. A difference in percentage of 3 ten-thousands of a percent is spooky.Hopefully Gore can pull it out (even though I’m not exactly thrilled about him), but Bush will most likely be our next president after the military absentee ballots arrive. Ugh.

Our house is all torn up with the new kitchen and bathroom being worked on. We have paths through the forest of cabinet boxes to get to the only working faucet (in our quarter bath off the kitchen). Our life is miserable right now and will remain so, most likely, for the next six or seven weeks. I’m sure it will be worth the hassle (at least I hope so!).