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December 29, 2000

Mein kamera ist kaput.

where is my jet car?

December 29, 2000

An excerpt from a Yahoo! Messenger conversation Jim Swanson and I had this morning.Happy Holidays!


ropadope.rm: I’m moving to Fargo. I’m growing quite weary of the traffic. There was always a reason that I didn’t live out East and it was that I don’t want to waste 2+ hours a day sitting in my car. What the HELL has happened here in the past 6 months?

jgs_freemind: river road was a bit slippery this morning…

jgs_freemind: 19min vs. 15min

ropadope.rm: Dude. I left at 6:20 AM and I didn’t get to work until 7:05. 45 MINUTES at THAT TIME OF DAY. Game over. I quit.

jgs_freemind: Took me 2:25 to get to TestQuest on Monday. 2:15 to get home

jgs_freemind: my clutch foot was cramping up

ropadope.rm: Hmmm… could you have used that time for any other purpose?

jgs_freemind: didn’t make it past 2nd gear either way. Seriously

ropadope.rm: My left knee is shot.

jgs_freemind: does swearing count?

ropadope.rm: I spent two days in a row in first and second, never seeing third. THIS SUCKS!!!

ropadope.rm: Bitching about traffic is so girly, but I can’t get past it.

jgs_freemind: it is such an incredible waste of time.

ropadope.rm: I’m totally saving for a helicopter.

jgs_freemind: we don’t live out in maple grove for that very reason (well, and others)

jgs_freemind: if we go in together on a helicopter it couldn’t be THAT much…

jgs_freemind: if TC could afford one…

ropadope.rm: I wanna job in St. Paul.

ropadope.rm: I bet Wal*Mart has a model we can afford.

jgs_freemind: is Landmark hiring?

ropadope.rm: OF course the promise of working at home has yet to pan out… just like the jet cars we were all supposed to be flying around in. We need to quit with all of the computer processor advances and start building these JET CARS!!! Do we really need a P4?

jgs_freemind: not unless it can propell me to work in the mornings

ropadope.rm: Exactly. I really think we’ve dropped the ball in the past 20 years. Everyone’s all fascinated with these com-poo-ters. WHERE IS MY FRIGGIN’ JET CAR?!?

jgs_freemind: i want a voice-activated toaster-oven!!!

ropadope.rm: You’re picking up what I’m laying down. There are no *real* robots, there are no Holiday Inns in orbit that we can stay at, no laser guns… We’re getting screwed here and the scientists are all getting fat and lazy. Come-on guys!

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worst christmas ever

December 26, 2000

Now the gifts were great and Christmas Eve was fun, but waking up at 5:00 on Christmas morning to the stomach flu is no fun. Plans had to be changed, we had to send the guests away and slept most of the day. Couldn’t keep anything down. Then about 2:00 this morning got a migraine – which sucks really bad when you can’t keep even tylenol and a splash of water down.Field has it too, Ang is still seeing the effects of it.

Maybe next year will be better — couldn’t be too much worse.

getting there

December 7, 2000

The bathroom is almost completely done, except for the painting (which Ang and I are handling).The kitchen is nearing completion. The refrigerator is in (just in time for our first delivery on Friday evening. The countertops will be in on Monday or Tuesday and we can pretty much call it done after we paint.

We can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

wagner power-rollers suck royal ass

December 5, 2000

I’m not quite sure who recommended this steaming pile of garbage to me, but when I figure it out there will be payback.So we’re in a time crunch here with the floors having the final coat put on in the morning. Seemed like a great time to paint the living room. Any minor boo boos will be easily cleaned up before the morning. So I get the Power-Roller all hooked up and ready to go. Supposed to be a snap — the people in the directions and on the box smiling and such. It sucks. Horrible user interface and it barely runs. about a third of the way I realize that I’d have already been done, had I gone the tried and true way. Ang and I had the foresight to put down large drop cloths (although from the look of things on the box, these are completely unnecessary).


The wand attached to the roller breaks off and goes crashing to the ground, as I spew white paint like a sprinkler all over the window, wall, window-sill and the floor. Ang and I look at each other in complete shock for what seemed like a minute, neither of us able to even move.

After much cussing and cleaning, I’ve tossed the entire mess in the box – partially cleaned and can’t wait until I get to return it to Home Depot. Part of me hopes they aren’t receptive to it being returned — I’m in the mood for a fight over this one.