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sixk day at work

January 31, 2001

The restructuring happened today.We lost some good people.

I’m sad.

anyone want to buy a car?

January 17, 2001

I’ve got a great looking, great running, low-mileage (32100 miles) 1998 Honda Civic DX Hatchback for sale.Price: $10900.

Details: AM/FM Stereo. No Air Conditioning (hey, I made it through the past three summers). Honda no longer makes a hatchback, which sucks since they are *really* handy.

This is a great car and were it not for the fact that we need a bigger car, I’d keep it.

ceiling fan notes

January 7, 2001

This one didn’t go up any easier. I’d love to get my hands on the bozos that design ’em and the guys who write the instruction manuals.Picture this, holding onto a 30 pound motor with one hand, threading wires through a narrow pipe with another and then connecting the wires to the house wiring with the other hand — wait a minute, that’s 3 hands, right? Yep.


At least it’s up and done — and it looks pretty nice too.

happy new year

January 1, 2001

Here’s a list of what is new:1. Got a new camera! It’s an Olympus C-3000Z. It’s 3.34 Megapixels, Fully auto or manual and films Quicktime videos with sound! I’m still getting used to it, but look in the next day or two for pictures.

2. Just finished putting up the baby gates. Field is all over the place, pulling himself up to a standing position and crawling all over creation.

3. Spent the New Year’s Eve in Twin Valley, Minnesota with the in-laws. Very low key and *VERY COLD*.

4. Got the heat bill today. $311.52. Sweet lord.

5. The recycling people have dropped the ball and now I have a mountain of cardboard piled up on the snowbank at the boulevard.

6. My vacation wasn’t as long, fruitful or relaxing as I’d hoped. I guess they’ll be this way for at least the next 18 years. 😉