got a dreamcast and have been out kiting

April 12, 2001

Ang finally caved and allowed me to get a Dreamcast. It rules. It is an amazing system — a shame that they are stopping production. Having played it and the Playstation 2 at work, the Dreamcast wins hands down if for no other reason than doubles Virtua Tennis.Robert has gotten me into kiting. Bought a 5 square foot parafoil and got it our today. Robert, got the 7.5 square foot and hoisted his original digital camera up to snap some pictures. Too cool.

Ang is taking an improv class at the Brave New Institute. She’s about to start her second class. She’s really enjoying it. I can tell.

Field is turning 1 next weekend and is getting more an more fun each and every day. He’s truly the coolest kid ever.

Up to Ang’s folks in Twin Valley this weekend for Easter. I’m actually looking forward to a roadtrip.

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