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3MEW year in review

January 1, 2002

This has been quite a year. I’ve had many ups and downs but ended the year on a high note.The first half of the year was pretty uneventful (of what I can remember of it) apart from Field’s first birthday and his growing into a neat little boy so full of energy and curiosity. Ang and Field keep me going from day to day. They fill my tank up when I’m running on empty.

July was a bit of an end and a beginning. It was the end of my employment at Plural. I’ve had a lot to say about this in the past and have moved on. If you’d like to read my thoughts on them closing our office click here. I started my own consulting company and tried to get some business with a number of other talented and wonderful ex-Pluralites. We tried and failed. I got a gig doing some writing with another genius-level guy, John Durant,, something I continue to work on. Things went pretty well with the working at home, until the morning that I flipped the TV on for Field to watch TeleTubbies and saw the flaming, gaping hole in the side of the first Tower. Watching the second plane hit live messed me up a bit. I became extremely pessimistic and really pissed off. In the days and weeks to follow, it became increasingly difficult to concentrate on the task at hand. Having the DSL connection to the internet made news an instant and almost constant fixation with me. I was only productive away from my desk, which was difficult as I had to be connected to my network to effectively do my job.

In November, I took a job with a company in St. Paul (the commute is great!), Avenet LLC. It’s a small place and I’ve enjoyed it for the most part. I also maintained the rights to continue to consult on the side. I hope to make another attempt at being independent in the future. Next time it will be planned and not as a reaction to a recent layoff.

The biggest news is that Ang and I are expecting another child! We are so excited and it’s a bit strange too. It doesn’t scare me the way the pre-Field days did. I’m aware that it will be a huge change, but it can’t be as big as going from zero to one.

My outlook has has improved dramatically, as I am optimistic about what the future may bring.