the ubiquitous christmas letter

December 25, 2003

This has been a crazy year. To review the high and low points:

  • Ang helped our good freind Kim move to New York in February showing somewhat questionable judgement in leaving me to care for our two young boys in her absence — thankfully we all survived.
  • We found out we’re having a third child (due next month in fact)
  • We found out that said child is to be a boy, our third and final one.
  • We spent 6 months and a whole bunch of money renovating nearly the entire main floor of our house.
  • Owen is walking and talking and loving to follow his big brother around.
  • Owen had his first birthday in July
  • Field started pre-school and loves playing with his little brother.
  • Field got his first bike and spends hours and hours riding around the court.
  • We vacationed in Park Rapids with my parents and sister’s family.
  • We nearly capsized a pontoon.
  • Ang and I have lost a combined 90 pounds and she’s 8 months pregnant.
  • Luke disappeared in August and never returned.
  • Ang is one class (and one bad professor) closer to applying to the nursing program.

I’m sure other stuff has happened, but my brain isn’t finding them. We wish all of you a happy and safe holiday season and wonderfully fulfilling new year!

Merry Christmas!

P.S. Here are some outtakes from the Christmas card pictures.

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