March 24, 2005

Actually saw footage of a priest compare her to Jesus Christ today.

These are strange times — and as a friend (landruc) said today “If Schiavo dies on Easter, the Constitution will be repealed within a year.” Maybe not too far off, we’re well on our way!

Some other interesting thoughts on the subject:

  • oh how funny would it be for this to be the accidental start of a new world religion” — pyrimid
  • If she dies at 3:00 pm on Friday, this could get way messier than it is even now.” — chicobangs
  • If Christ had died in a hallway we might pray in hallways or wear little hallways around our necks” -David Berman, “I, for one, welcome the new feeding tube iconography.“ — cottoncandyhammer
  • “silver lining – regular folks at least are seeing how fucking insane these people are. I hope the Bush voters who aren’t fundie wackjobs are proud.” — monobrau
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