I love my moleskines…

March 31, 2005

Andre turned me on to these.I’m a sucker for notebooks (and shoes and backpacks/bags) and these are the most amazingly well designed little suckers I’ve ever used. I’ve never been a huge fan of pocket size notebooks until now (Moleskine makes a wide range of sizes — I’ve just grown accustomed to the portability of my pocket Moleskine. Not a cheap notebook, but the acid-free paper and the durable cover are worth it. The historical significance of the Moleskine notebook is also quite interesting — and included on a card in each and every one.

Moleskine users:

  • Van Gogh? yep.
  • Hemingway? sure.
  • Matisse? bingo.

Good enough for these jokers? Good enough for me.

A page chock full o’ Moleskine hacks.

(currently using the “Moleskine Mini Black with Graph pages”)

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