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vagina, vagina, vagina…

April 29, 2005

This story about the girl wearing the “I (heart) my Vagina” button will not go away. The Winona, Minnesota high school girl who has caused quite a stir with this has been all over the radio (and I assume TV) about this. I understand it’s just a button — and the T-Shirts that followed — and I’m all for free-speech, but can you imagine the amount of time, and in turn money, that the school district in Winona has spent dealing with this? This is money that could be much better spent on dealing with actual issues (although I have a feeling much of a school administrator’s time is spent browsing the web for deals on stuff that school administrators like to do and use when they are out of school — like S&M latex gear and tea parties and such).When I was in High School in the late 80’s and a kid wore a shirt or button with inappropriate (which I’m not saying this is) or controversial (which I am saying this is at least in as much as controversy has surrounded it) content emblazoned on it, they were sent home or in some cases told to turn the shirt inside out. At what point did the students start to run the schools? I was always under the impression that the teachers and administrators were in charge (except in the cases in which they were obviously wrong). Things have changed. Apparently, after a rally (wait for it) they will not be allowed to wear the buttons or t-shirts on school grounds.

Anyway, the best part about this, hopefully over, story is this:

Students will also be able to rally around the flagpole wearing the buttons and t-shirts.

Thinking back, I can’t imagine too many of the boys in the school (hormones raging) aren’t hoping for a little “rally around the flagpole” of their own.

lego star wars

April 28, 2005

My parents gave my son (at my behest) the Lego Star Wars game for the Xbox. The kid loves his Star Wars and this game is a true all-ager. Blood? Nope, just Legos flying. It really follows the storylines of Episodes I and II (I haven’t gotten into III yet — but it’s here also). The cinematics are right out of he films, except Lego-ized. Very impressive work.It’s a two player game, and you can drop in and out in the middle of a scene. If he gets stuck, dad can jump in and help (and vice versa). Lots of puzzles and a nifty way of using the Force to accomplish tasks.

There are a lot of secrets and its a deep game. It’ll take a lot of time to unlock all of the hidden stuff — he’ll be playing this one for a long time (especially with the 30-minute limit per day).

I give it an 8.5 (and a 9 thinking as a kid). I think it’s also available for PC, Playstation 2 and Game Boy Advanced.

Good stuff.

the arcade fire – “funeral”

April 28, 2005

I can’t remember the last time that an album has taken over my life like this one. The Arcade Fire’s “Funeral” was released in September of 2004 and was named Pitchfork Media’s Top Album of the year. I’ve listened to quite a few of Pitchfork’s other favorites and I think they nailed it with this. I like Pitchfork, but ofen our tastes vary. Not on this one.This album has the sound of a band really coming into its stride — which for a debut release is quite shocking. Polished and talented, it’s the creative arrangements and lyrics as well as the voices of husband and wife, Win Butler and RĂ©gine Chassagne that stand out. This album means something. I’ve been unable to stop listening to it since February. Nothing this year has been able to knock it from its perch.

Like many of my favorite albums over the past 20 years or so, it didn’t grab me on first listen, but you could tell there was a reason to it and it needed my full-attention. The next listen with the headphones had my wife asking me, “what?”, a number of times as I said “wow” over and over.

“Wow, wow, wow…”

“take me out to the ballgame” :: i’ve never been more impressed by my wife

April 26, 2005

So I’m getting ready for work today and downstairs Field, who has a voice like an angel, is singing “Take Me out the Ballgame” — because he’s got his new Minnesota Twins T-Shirt on. He’s missing a few words here and there but really pouring his heart into it. After the second rendition Ang corrects him when he says “crackerjacks“. “It’s crackerjack, honey”, she says. He doesn’t miss a beat starts over and nails it without the extra ‘s’.Hearing people sing “crackerjacks” has always been on my list of things that make me shudder (I know, I know… I’m a neurotic a-hole) and to hear Ang gently “fix” the problem was a wonderful moment. Not that I wasn’t impressed already, she totally kicks ass, but this was another in a long line of things that make me love her even more.

buy me some peanuts and Crackerjack, I don’t care if I never…

diaper rash

April 24, 2005

So we’re on our third wee one and we’ve seen our share of diaper rash over the past five years. We’ve tried everything and a few years ago our kick-ass pediatrician (Dr. Delahunty – or Dr. Humpty Dumpty for the new talkers) gave us a prescription for “Butt Paste”.It’s a miracle drug, and a total (pardon the pun) pain in the ass for the pharmacists. It has to be prepared by hand and takes over an hour per prescription to make. I can’t overstate its effectiveness.

Don’t be fooled by its (again sorry for this) half-assed Dr. Boudreaux’s over the counter counterpart. The stuff is virtually useless. It’s got a creamy consistency that doesn’t hold up to what the little ones dish out.

The prescription “But Paste” is goopy and can’t be beaten. If you’ve got a problem, ask your pediatrician for script — and thank me when everything works out.