April 20, 2005

Rotavirus (I always thought it was rotOvirus, but it isn’t) is running around our house right now. This has been the absolute worst string of illness our family has been through. It’s been 7 weeks of at least one (and now all) of the boys being sick. Rotavirus is a big one too. To summarize the past few days: A whole lot of puking, even more diarrhea (anyone else get a thrill when they spell a word like that correctly the first try?).Here’s the tally on the hell we’re in:
Sunday (day): Puking.
Sunday (midnight): Diarrhea all over the bathroom floor — this was a doozy.
Monday (morning): Two kids coated from head to toe in their own diarrhea.
Monday (day): Much more diarrhea, some puking.
Tuesday (morning): Two kids coated from head to toe in their own diarhhea.
Tuesday (day): We’re going through so many diapers, one kid puking.
Tuesday (10PM): So much diarrhea on the carpeting, I briefly consider burning the house down and starting from scratch.
Wednesday (6AM): One more covered from head to toe.
Thankfully Ang and I have so far avoided it with excessive compulsive levels of hand washing with good ol’ Ecolab Antimicrobial Soap (thanks mom!).

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