bush, delay and frist can suck it (or “much more of this and i’m taking my family and getting the hell outta here.”)

April 22, 2005

This country is on a fast downward spiral. The framers had a good idea when they decided that the theocracies they escaped from wouldn’t be the model used here. Over the past few years and even more dramatically in the past 12 months, we’ve gotten to the point that if you aren’t a fundamental Christian, you’re against the U.S. These assholes like Bush, DeLay, and Frist are ruining the things that made this country great. We have economic and social issues that need a lot of work and these children are hosting a big dick (or at least Bible) swinging contest.And the goddamn hypocrisy — Minnesota has a budget deficit and our “Born-again” Christo-Republican Jackass of a Governor is spending all of his time talking about building casinos! W and his cronies are still behind the death penalty (how many retarded — and innocent folks have been given a lethal injection or strapped in to ol’ Sparky down in Texas?) in a time when the Republicans have all been handed the talking points on the “Culture of Life”. Listening to these guys, and yes apart from that Nazi hag Ann Coulter they’re all rich white dudes, is like hearing the same speech over an over. It really doesn’t even matter what they’re addressing. “Blah blah blah, we must protect the (insert white christian group here — children, woman in vegetative state, unborn — again white kids)! It’s a matter of faith. Our “Culture of Life” demands it. Blah blah blah… Something, something, (insert purposefully mispronounced foreign national leader name as a means of negating the importance of anyone unforturnate enough not to live in the “land of the free”)… blah blah blah “Nukular” blah blah blah.

Oh and don’t talk to me about Condoleez Rice being both black and woman. Strangely enough the name “Condoleeza” is slang in some long-dead Native American language for “Man of Sparks and Metal”. It’s a robot, built by, cleaned, and programmed nightly by a bunch of captive Russian scientists in a basement in the Pentagon. Seriously.

Every day it’s something else. Judicial appointments, bullying Supreme Court Justices for supporting laws that have been on the books for years (in some cases hundreds of years), the whole Terri Schiavo mess, dealing with the “Muslim problem”, pissing off the rest of the world and more. It’s one thing to be the superpower and an entirely different thing to be the school bully — another issue they’ve decided needs immediate legislative action. It’s all about religion now it seems in a time that we have so many other, actually relevant issues to deal with.

This used to be a great country. Not any longer.

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