diaper rash

April 24, 2005

So we’re on our third wee one and we’ve seen our share of diaper rash over the past five years. We’ve tried everything and a few years ago our kick-ass pediatrician (Dr. Delahunty – or Dr. Humpty Dumpty for the new talkers) gave us a prescription for “Butt Paste”.It’s a miracle drug, and a total (pardon the pun) pain in the ass for the pharmacists. It has to be prepared by hand and takes over an hour per prescription to make. I can’t overstate its effectiveness.

Don’t be fooled by its (again sorry for this) half-assed Dr. Boudreaux’s over the counter counterpart. The stuff is virtually useless. It’s got a creamy consistency that doesn’t hold up to what the little ones dish out.

The prescription “But Paste” is goopy and can’t be beaten. If you’ve got a problem, ask your pediatrician for script — and thank me when everything works out.

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