lance krall show

April 24, 2005

Watched the first episode the other night. I don’t watch a whole lot of SpikeTV (or TV for that matter) but Lance is a “friend”. The quotes are there as I’ve never actually met him, but he’s a member of a VERY exclusive group that I, for some strangly wonderful reason, am also active in. Other members of the cast are also members of this group, which I could tell you about, but it would only make you jealous and possibly ruin your afternoon looking in vain for ways in (thanks AT).He likes his Star Wars and is talented. For those of you who don’t know his work, he played a flamboyantly gay character (was it “Kip”) in the first season of the very well done “reality” show, “Joe Schmo” (also on SpikeTV). Not a fan of reality TV, but this one with all actors except for “Joe” was hilarious.

Anyway, set your VCRs and pick up “The Lance Krall Show” on SpikeTV at 10:05 CST (11:05 for you East Coasters) on Monday nights.

For an insider’s look at the show click here.

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