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April 29, 2005

This story about the girl wearing the “I (heart) my Vagina” button will not go away. The Winona, Minnesota high school girl who has caused quite a stir with this has been all over the radio (and I assume TV) about this. I understand it’s just a button — and the T-Shirts that followed — and I’m all for free-speech, but can you imagine the amount of time, and in turn money, that the school district in Winona has spent dealing with this? This is money that could be much better spent on dealing with actual issues (although I have a feeling much of a school administrator’s time is spent browsing the web for deals on stuff that school administrators like to do and use when they are out of school — like S&M latex gear and tea parties and such).When I was in High School in the late 80’s and a kid wore a shirt or button with inappropriate (which I’m not saying this is) or controversial (which I am saying this is at least in as much as controversy has surrounded it) content emblazoned on it, they were sent home or in some cases told to turn the shirt inside out. At what point did the students start to run the schools? I was always under the impression that the teachers and administrators were in charge (except in the cases in which they were obviously wrong). Things have changed. Apparently, after a rally (wait for it) they will not be allowed to wear the buttons or t-shirts on school grounds.

Anyway, the best part about this, hopefully over, story is this:

Students will also be able to rally around the flagpole wearing the buttons and t-shirts.

Thinking back, I can’t imagine too many of the boys in the school (hormones raging) aren’t hoping for a little “rally around the flagpole” of their own.

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