May 15, 2005

When is this October-like weather going to break? I need to get out and I’m not a big fan of an early morning ride when it is 40 degrees. My old bike did a good job last weekend in a prep ride for the MS150 with Jason, but I need a few improvements. Bars — need more places for my hands. I’d also like new derailleurs (or in reality 10-year old Dura Ace stuff would be great). Maybe when the kids are done with college in 25 years. A selective trip to Freewheel will likely do the trick, although I wouldn’t mind leaving with something like this. OK, realistically this will do just fine.Would I like a new bike? Sure, but what I have is certainly a capable — if not vintage — machine and I can’t imagine a time when there will be an extra grand in the budget for such a purchase. My dad’s old Pugeot and Schwinn Paramount would be fun to ride, but I like my Columbus tubed Schwinn Peloton Frankenstein bike. Solid frame, scavenged parts will get me from point A to B just fine.

C’mon sun!

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