search engine madness

May 24, 2005

NOTE: I’m obfuscating the primary focus of this post just the slightest bit for reasons that I hope are clear.Google decided some time between 1:17AM and 3:23AM last Tuesday (May 17th) that it would lower the relevancy of my posted link to the “N4p0l30n Dyn4m1t3 S0undb0ard”. For this I say, thanks… and why exactly? This link has been the (very minor) bane of my existence since I first posted it in February. The vast majority of my traffic was from middle school kids and included such pearls as:

  • i love this movie!!!!!!! it is da bomb!! it is the funniest movie i have ever seen. NAP0LEAN DYNAM1TE ROCKS!!!!!!!! (I weep for you)
  • I think Nap0lean Dynam1te rocks the party that rocks the party I love tots too!!!!!! (that’s a lot of party rocking)
  • Nap0lean is the best movie I have ever seen. (OMGWTF?!?!!!!!!11)
  • He his cute (you’re absolutely right, he HIS cute!!!!!!!!)

Lil’ Artie even had this to say, “Yo girls call me tommorow aright i skate and i’m super sexy . Call Me . seyah !” Our schools are apparently churning out some real smart cookies.

Regardless of all of this, I wonder the reasons behind the immediate stoppage of traffic. It was like turning off a faucet — from a few hundred page views a day on that post to zero. It never waned, it simply stopped. For all of the indexing they do of my site (more on that in the next post), I’m surprised at how it would change so dramatically months after it started.

Like I previously stated, it’s nice to have my site back and I’ll do my best not to hit on too many of the pop culture issues of the junior high set again any time soon.

flippin sweet(ly yours),


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