just imagine what they could do if they actually spent some time chasing criminals

June 18, 2005

According to an article in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, More than 10,000 motorists were ticketed for not wearing seat belts in a statewide enforcement campaign, the state Department of Public Safety said Thursday.This was part of an organized attempt to crack down on non-seatbelt wearers in the state. I wear my seatbelt, and have since the day I crashed in the 1966 Mustang 17 years ago. I think people are silly not to wear their seatbelts, but to do this campaign is an enormous waste of time and energy. The Office of Traffic Safety says 82% of people in Minnesota wear their seatbelts, but that they won’t be happy until it’s 100%. Good luck with that and the thieves and child-abductors will I’m sure thank you for the effort while they go about stealing your cars and neighborhood children.

How about catching some real criminals and stop harassing commuters. As our highways fill in this state the last thing we need is 10,000 addtional stops for seatbelt violations. I’m not against the seatbelt law, especially when it comes to children who can’t weigh the odds and make good decisions, however I am against these concentrated efforts to screw with the citizens who can. If they’re speeding, pull them over. If they happen not to be wearing their seatbelts give them another ticket.

This is an expensive undertaking. The radio and television advertisements (I saw them behind home plate at the Twins games — the Twins aren’t doing this for free) were played with such ferocity, it simply couldn’t have been strictly PSA-based. Assuming all of this was gratis, (which it certainly was not) we’re only talking about $1 million dollars in fines — likely not enough to pay for the ad agencies creative involved. In these tighter times for police budgets do we really need such expenditures?

No. No we do not.

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