tiger sushi

June 25, 2005

Nothing says Sushi like the Mall of America. But seriously, it was pretty good. A neat little glass fishbowl in the middle of all the hordes of lower life forms shuffling about. Lots of finger pointing and screwed up faces looking in as we enjoyed surprisingly good sushi. J.R. our sushi chef helped make things even better. We were there celebrating a friend’s 40th birthday and he helped to make it really special.Tasting the octopus (I’m not up on the Japanese names — yet) and this amazing clam before he made us our rolls was a real treat and made me very comfortable ordering everything. I’ve only had sushi a couple of times and I plan on making it a regular dinner item from here on out. Simply amazing flavors.

I’ve been to Origami in Minneapolis and a place in San Francisco that I can’t recall the name of. It’s been too long to really compare the sushi, but we had a lot of fun, ate great sushi and were treated wonderfully by the staff (and especially J.R.) lsat night.

We’ll be back soon.

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