biking, biking, biking…

July 15, 2005

I’ve been biking a lot lately. Did a couple of longer (25-30 milers) on the road bike last week and have started hauling my mountain bike (thanks to the kick in the pants “Bobke II” gave me)around on the roof rack of my car wherever I go. I’ve been biking at lunch every day this week.Mountain bike riding is significantly less efficient and as such my 7, 10 and 16 mile rides have felt much more difficult than the rides on the road bike. I love these ancient bikes– nice, and old, components. That said, I stopped by the bike store last week and took out a full-Ultegra ride. Wow. I’m definitely saving my pennies for one of these bad boys. Maybe a mix of Ultegra and 105 and I can get into it a bit sooner.

I hit the Lebanon Hills trails in Eagan the other afternoon and did the easy loop a couple of times and the middle-difficulty loop once. It’s really beautiful in there and challenging enough for a 35-year-old. I’ll probably hit the more-technical trail in a few weeks after a bit more practice and with a phone that works and a buddy.

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