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the best baseball game (i’ve ever attended)

August 24, 2005

So we got 4 tickets to last night’s Twins/White Sox game from a National Night Out drawing a month ago. At the time the Twins were in a downward spiral without much upside. I was down on the squad. Field loves to go to games as much as I do so we planned it out. It fell on his cousin’s 5th birthday so we took him and my brother-in-law. I got excited a few days ago when it became apparent that it would be Johan Santana against Freddy Garcia — a clash of Venezuelan stud pitchers. What a game it was.This game had everything; great pitching, amazing fielding (three wall-rocking-game-saving catches), and one moment that will live in Twins lore for ages. Santana gave up a hit on the first pitch of the game, so I figured at least if the game was in hand (or out-of-hand) inthe 7th, we’d be able to sneak out if the kids were getting antsy. Everytime Santana pitches you’ve got a shot at seeing a no-no. Santan was masterful as he has ever been but the real story was Garcia. A no-hitter (although I’d have scored Cuddyer’s ball down the third base line a hit as opposed to the official scoring of E5) through 7 innings was something to see. Jacque Jones came to the plate to start the 8th and swung for the fences — which he accomplished with a monster shot to right-center. Garcia didn’t even turn to watch. With that one curveball he lost the no-hitter, the shutout and the game.

The crowd noise was unbelievable — the loudest I’ve heard at a game since game 6 of the World Series in 1987 (number 2 on my list of great baseball games I’ve attended). Nathan came in and apart from the walk he gave up shut them down in the ninth for the save.

Try to imagine giving up only one hit in 8 innings and losing the game. It’s pretty rare. In fact it’s only the second time in 106 years of White Sox baseball that it has ever happened. It’s also only the second time in Twins history that they’ve won a game with only one hit (that happened just over 41 years ago).

Best Twins game of my lifetime? Maybe not (remember Jack Morris’ performance in game 7 of the 1991 World Series?), but damn close in that regard also.

One more great aspect — the game was over in 2 hours and 8 minutes. Sheer (almost) perfection.

tommy bartlett thrill show

August 23, 2005

Went to the Dells last weekend and got pulled onstage during the juggling comedian bit. He did his best to humiliate me — nearly pulling off the shirt. Fun as heck though.

why is there no flickering in that house?

August 23, 2005

Spent the evening last night unplugging, boxing and storing the televisions, DVD players, VCRs, ReplayTV and the Xbox. We’re going cold turkey.Watching the boys beat on each other with light sabers all day and play superheros “killing” each other was a bit too much. It’s not so much that we’re against this kind of play, it’s that it’s pretty much all that they do right now in the house. Outside it’s more of the same (with quite a bit of baseball thrown in). We’re going to get out more and stop using the TV as a crutch around the house. We figured it’d be a lot easier to do it this way than have to legislate when TV was OK. We’ve tried it and it doesn’t work for us.

School is starting, Ang will have her hands full with that during the day and taking Microbiology at night. I’ve got a million projects around the house I need to work on and some programming tasks I’ve been putting off for months. We also want to read more. I don’t like the idea of getting dumber as I get older and this is a good step.

It’ll also give us a bit of a shot in the arm financially as we’ve cancelled the digital cable and netflix and a few of the pieces we have will bring in a few bucks to help with Owen’s tuition.

If you’re interested in a gently-used ReplayTV (5040) with commerical-skip, internet-sharing (two features no longer available anywhere) and an included lifetime subscription, I’ve got one available for $300. I’ve also got an Xbox with a ton of games (Halo 2, Rainbow Six 3, NFL 2K5, MLB 2K5, Lego Star Wars, the GTA double set – GTA Vice city unopened, a bunch of other Live games — in the neighborhood of 30 or so) for $400. I’ve not a “gamer” and apart from a month of Field playing Lego Star Wars last spring, this is a lightly-used box and works great.

We also have a 27″, 20″ and an inexpensive 19″ TV if you need one.

Lemme know.

the left is humorless

August 4, 2005

I watch the Daily Show every night and listen to local conservative talk radio every morning on the ride into work. It’s a balancing act. Lately though I’ve found much more humor in the morning version than the evening. This morning, for instance, Bob Davis (AM1500 in St. Paul) was commenting on the left’s inability to laugh, in fact their “prudish brittleness” towards the fun-loving Bush’s middle-finger gesture to the press the other day.If I’d had a mouth full of coffee, I’d have had to turn around to change my shirt, and have my burns evaluated. I kept waiting for the laughter, but it didn’t come. The guy was completely serious.

This past week, I’ve tried to turn all of the stories coming out of the White House around in my head. Imagine the outrage if Clinton had flipped off the press. Imagine the outrage if Clinton had bypassed congress in appointing the permanent Ambassador to the U.N. (or if he’d picked such a prick to do it). If he’d minimized an escalating war that two years earlier he’d called “Mission Accomplished”? Imagine if Clinton had owned a baseball team and then come out in the corner of one of his ex-players who’d taken steroids. The list goes on and on and on.

Try it. If it wasn’t so damned real, it’d be hilarious.

so much brush to clear (wartime president’s lament)

August 3, 2005

Dubya is about to set the all-time Presidential record for “Vacation”, and he’s only been in office 4 1/2 years. By the end of the month-long (33 days to be exact) trip to Crawford, TX, he’ll have spent a staggering 350+ days in Crawford since he took office — this during a time of “war”. For those of you keeping track that’s over 20% of his time. Add in the trips to Kennebunkport and Camp David and the numbers grow significantly.We all know that work happens when he’s in Texas (at least some) and that he’s briefed and all the other Presidential rigamarole, but this is an outrageous statistic and another reason why he’s such a friggin’ jackass.