vacation / harley party

August 2, 2005

Got back on Saturday from a week in Alexandria. I love it up there. We got sandwiched between a couple of hot, vacation-worthy in-the-water-all-day weeks with a cool and supremely windy week. We made the best of it. Lots of boating. Being on the chain of lakes made it possible, if not a bit perilous getting there. There always seemed to be whitecaps breaking right at the end of the boat lift, so getting out and turning into the wind needed to be done quickly. The old boat ran great — lots of fun.The youngest decided that his normal 7:15ish wake-up time wasn’t nearly early enough and cracked 6AM once and 6:30 twice. Wouldn’t have sucked that badly if there wasn’t an old couple staying downstairs. Anyway, as we always do, we drove around looking at cabins and lakehomes drooling. I could live up there — so could Ang and the boys. They love the water.

On Saturday evening, after we finished unpacking the Harley’s started rolling in at the neighbor’s house. The newly-widowed lady has a new beau. He turned 58 on Saturday and they had a party. Wouldn’t have been too bad, except for the big(or is it small)-dick-swinging noise competition. Those damn bikes are loud. I hate them. The noise and language caused us to spend the rest of the afternoon indoors, but I did get to see a couple of tramps give the birthday boy a double shirts up salute which he enjoyed with his face. Nice.

“We won’t be here too long”, was the explanation from the son, but at 1AM, things were still going with lots of yelling and a subtle cloud of the chronic wafting through the back yard. At 6AM, the jackasses were leaving. Did I mention the noisy bikes? This had better be an isolated incident.

My cartoon bubble of the goings on late night into early morning has a gaggle of limbs, heads and asses in varying degrees of undress in a wriggling pile on the floor…shudder. Her ‘ol doctor husband would be mighty mighty proud I’m sure.

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