the left is humorless

August 4, 2005

I watch the Daily Show every night and listen to local conservative talk radio every morning on the ride into work. It’s a balancing act. Lately though I’ve found much more humor in the morning version than the evening. This morning, for instance, Bob Davis (AM1500 in St. Paul) was commenting on the left’s inability to laugh, in fact their “prudish brittleness” towards the fun-loving Bush’s middle-finger gesture to the press the other day.If I’d had a mouth full of coffee, I’d have had to turn around to change my shirt, and have my burns evaluated. I kept waiting for the laughter, but it didn’t come. The guy was completely serious.

This past week, I’ve tried to turn all of the stories coming out of the White House around in my head. Imagine the outrage if Clinton had flipped off the press. Imagine the outrage if Clinton had bypassed congress in appointing the permanent Ambassador to the U.N. (or if he’d picked such a prick to do it). If he’d minimized an escalating war that two years earlier he’d called “Mission Accomplished”? Imagine if Clinton had owned a baseball team and then come out in the corner of one of his ex-players who’d taken steroids. The list goes on and on and on.

Try it. If it wasn’t so damned real, it’d be hilarious.

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