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googled myself and found my great-great-great-great grandfather

September 20, 2005

This page has a blurb about the first Ira Canfield Mitchell — my Great-Great-Great Grandfather (and his parents). I’m the fifth, but I think not technically, as I found out a while back that a generation was skipped early on (I’m such a fraud!). Anyway, it’s a trip to think about this guy who has been dead for 125 years who I share a name with and his father the Reverend Nathan J. Mitchell (who apparently married well). Ira Canfield Mitchell was born at Howard, Centre Co., Pa. He is a son of Rev. Nathan J. Mitchell and Mrs. Sarah B. Mitchell, who was a sister of ex-Governor William F. Packer; educated at the public schools of his native township, and at Dickinson Seminary; admitted to the bar on motion of ex-Governor Andrew G. Curtin, at Bellefonte, Centre Co., April 28, 1854; practiced successfully until 1862; went to the West and had a successful career until 1877, when he returned to Lock Haven, where he has since remained.

Among the many highly respected citizens of the borough may be mentioned the Rev. Nathan J. Mitchell, the head of the Disciples’ Church in Central Pennsylvania. He was born March 2, 1808, in Washington County, this State, and came to Howard in 1832 from Stark County, Ohio, where he had just married a sister of Governor Packer. Mr. Mitchell is a man of great intelligence, being well informed on general topics as well as the doctrines of his church, and has many warm personal friends in Centre County.

Old School / New School (our school had about 85 of these stacked in the AV closet)

September 20, 2005

If you ever owned an Apple ][ back in the day, you’ll appreciate this. I think you’ll even appreciate if you didn’t. Bonus enjoyment for Grandaddy fans.This is some fancy programming. And it’s all done on a vintage 1979 Apple ][ with a whopping 48K of memory (who will ever need more than 48K?!?).

Don’t ignore this. It’s really great.

September 16, 2005 is really cool. It uses the Library of Congress and Amazon as two sources allowing you to enter your library of books by ISBN or Title. I just did a quick stack I had sitting next to my desk in about 5 minutes.Kinda looking forward to getting the rest of them in. Maybe I’ll do a stack every few nights for the rest of the year.


proposed ceo perk cutbacks

September 15, 2005

Time to tighten our belts. The following list of perks will be slowly phased out over the next 36 months:

  • Fluffers
  • Whisky fountain
  • Personal Sherpas
  • Fanny powderers
  • Seventy-three brown-eyed virgins (on retainer)
  • Animitronic lobby dragon
  • Fudge moat
  • McMuffins
  • Nap time
  • Afternoon Magic Show
  • Lunchroom “Lazy River”
  • Corey Feldman
  • Egg-drop balcony
  • 2 of the pencil sharpening journeymen
  • Seven day weekends
  • Bagels
  • Luge sharpening service
  • Elevator massage team
  • Pants-optional Thursdays
  • Personalized theme-song hold music
  • “Liposuction and You” presentation
  • “You the man! How can I be the man? When you the man?” chanters
  • “Get out of Jail Free” cards
  • Washroom “Wishing Well”
  • Butter Sculpterer
  • Alchemist
  • Safety Goggles
  • The “Clapper”
  • Foghat Reunion Show
  • Corporate Greeter: Darius Rucker
  • Weekend of Cake
  • Lint-removal specialists
  • Tear-away jerseys
  • Todd Bertuzzi
  • Holodeck
  • Your horse-whisperer
  • Ye Olde Buggy Whip Shoppe
  • Frappuccino®
  • The “utility” closet (wink wink)
  • Wednesday evening snipe hunt
  • A set of steak knives
  • Hat-check boy
  • Coat-check girl
  • The elves (all of them)
  • The honor bar
  • Solid Gold coffee “challices”
  • Those mini-marshmallows for your hot cocoa
  • Your Haliburton corporate accounts
  • Rooftop rollercoaster
  • The “Vic Tayback” memorial kitchenette
  • Avril’s Angst seminar
  • Turkish taffy
  • Complimentary monkey diapers and changing service
  • The number “11” from your phones
  • Mistletoe ceiling panels
  • Helium
  • White board markers (you’ll need to bring your own)

(I came up with this list for a project that LeROIduPLYWOOD is working on)

fossil hunting in lilydale

September 14, 2005

The ECHO-South group today had a trip to the old St. Paul Brickyards. Unbelievable place. This is pretty much where kids die in cave cave-ins every few years.So about a quarter-mile in (to the park, not the caves — no caves for me thank you very much) we hang a left and there is a HUGE clay “mountain”. Totally natural and literally brimming with amazing fossils. Back in the forest there is a network of trails that takes you to some rather pristine areas so close to the city. Two-hundred foot sandstone walls being slowly carved away by the water seeping through the rock. There were 10-foot wide slabs of limestone crawling with perfect coral fossils.

This is apparently an area with fossils from the Ordovician Period (we were at almost 30 degrees SOUTH of the equator at this time — now we’re 45 degrees NORTH) of the Paleozoic Era (~460 million years old) and include marine invertebrates such as crinoids, bryozoans (sponges) and brachiopods. These are more than twice as old as the dinosaur fossils at the museums.

I had more fun than the kids. I can’t wait to go back.

More good info on fossil hunting in Minnesota