The Joys of Programming (books)

January 12, 2006

I like being a developer. I like the acts of designing software, developing software, and I like reading about developing software. What I don’t like is the shelf-life of the books. I bought quite a few books last year on ADO.NET and various .NET topics and now less than a year later, they are of little use. It’s not that there isn’t decent information in them, rather the newest version of .NET has enough differences from its predecessor to make finding answers in these books only partially useful and in many ways futile.I’m going to make a resolution right now to find a good title for each of the following topics and but them. Then, I’m taking a box of the old ones to to Half-Price Books.

* IIS 6.0
* ASP.NET (2.0) with C#
* C# .NET (2.0)
* ADO.NET (2.0)
* SQL Server 2005
* Biz Talk (the new one — I’d like to know more about this product)

If you have any suggestions, let me know.

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