Your Training Will Begin Next Week…

March 6, 2006

So Ang, God love her, got a new job. She’s been a Health Unit Coordinator (HUC) for the past year or so at a big local hospital. She needs to do something patient-facing along with her CNA certification to strengthen her resume for nursing school. This new position as a Psych Associate will fit the bill nicely and will add even more of a challenge to her life. I’m proud as hell of her. The bonus of this, is that it works pretty well around our schedule. I come in early on Mondays and every other Friday and leave early and she works a half-time position in the evenings. There is very little child care we need to coordinate. She accepted the position a few weeks ago, middle of February I think. She starts next week — 6.5 days from now.Today… Let that sink in for a second… she get’s a notice with her training schedule. FULL TIME DAYS FOR TWO WEEKS — starting, as I’ve mentioned — in 6.5 days.

Full-time days… for two weeks. Holy shit, how are we going to deal with that? And wouldn’t a little more time have been nice to set something up? So, our options right now are paying a small fortune to someone to watch the kids for a couple of weeks during the day, making the fruits of her labor for the training minus the childcare costs plus the inconvienice of finding someone to watch the kids for a couple of weeks during the day equal a big negative number, OR having me watch the kids at a time when we’re trying to wrap up a project at work and then trying to backfill at night.

This is tough — and could have been avoided had someone alerted Ang to this “situation” a bit further out than 6.5 days.

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