I like me a deal…

March 26, 2006

And I got one with this baby. I needed (or at least wanted) a new bike. It’s a 2005 Schwinn Fastback Comp. My oldie wouldn’t have been a fun ride in the MS150 again this year. I thought I’d need a wrist transplant after the last one. It’ll be nice to have a bike that fits — and it’s a nice bike. All Shimano 105, which is fine for a guy who weighs 196. A few extra ounces of weight is certainly not going to matter. I saved $550 off the price of this bike last year or the 2006 version.

Can’t wait to get out late this week. I’m riding the Ironman ride out of Lakeville to Northfield at the end of April (either the 62 or the century — not sure yet).

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