I like me a deal (part deux)…

March 27, 2006

We had friends over for dinner a few weeks ago and I learned something that I will pass on to you now.Don’t pay for movies at RedBox. What is RedBox? It’s the McDonald’s DVD rental machine and it’s really cool technology. You’re only going to get new releases at RedBox, so it’s no replacement for NetFlix, but with these codes you won’t get charged for the first night. If you want it more than a night, you only pay another buck for each.

These codes will likely go away slowly as they get people to buy into the technology. Realistically, I’ll pay a dollar for a movie. I still like the idea of NetFlix, but as a supplement or a way to just get the new movie you want on a whim, it beats the hell out of paying $3 at your local Ballbuster.

NOTE: the kids movies are supposedly pretty trashed, so beware.

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