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April 13, 2006

I’ve been using JotSpot now for 6 or 7 months in a number of capacities. It’s a great tool for irganizing just about anything. First we set one up for a side gig and it’s been an invaluable tool for keeping the crazy ideas of a couple of guys in at least some semblance of order. The whole shebang is easily searched and attaching files and even emailing files is a snap.I’ve also set up a free version JotSpot wiki for home. This has really been a good way for us to keep our stuff in one place. We link out to our other organizational tools, but even within the JotSpot wiki there are tons of great applications to use. From the free perspective, you are rather limited — but only in number of pages. You still get access to pretty much everything.

The last one I set up was the wiki for my development team at work. We’ve been unable to really get a good system going for knowledge sharing and organization and this tool has worked miracles for us. We have a small team, so the cost was a no-brainer. It should be for you also.

Try JotSpot’s wiki software for free. Create an enterprise wiki for your business. Manage projects, create an intranet, and more.

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