Another “resentment” (more about that later) – Amazon this time.

April 18, 2006

Anyway, I made another order with Amazon and have been using the free-trial of the “Prime” service. The “free” (I love how something you pay $80 a year for is “free”) two-day shipping has worked pretty well, but is it worth the dough? Not if this is how they calculate shipping info. I got the shaft on a book I ordered for a birthday present. I placed an order on Thursday the 13th. The item said “Usually ships within 24 hours”. Cool. It’ll ship on Friday and I’ll get it Tuesday.Wrong. It did ship on Friday, but delivery is scheduled for Wednesday. One day after the date I needed it.

Here is the response I got from Padvamathy to my initial concern:

The One-Day or Two-Day delivery option you choose may not directly correspond with the carrier-branded shipping service used to deliver your package. We use your desire for a specific delivery date along with our knowledge of carrier capabilities (acquired through sending millions of shipments) to select the most appropriate and efficient shipping service available to meet the delivery estimate.

I’ve got knowledge of basic math (acquired through doing millions of calculations in the past 36 years). This is bunk.

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