Did the Ironman Ride in the driving rain in wind

May 8, 2006

62 miles in nasty wet weather is not fun. It did teach me a few things though.

  1. I hate the wind
  2. I need to work on my climbing
  3. Your feet can go numb even when it is in the upper 40’s
  4. I need to do something to keep my feet dry in the rain
  5. I love my bike
  6. The MS150 is going to be a piece of cake comparatively (very flat and warmer)
  7. I got really, really dirty
  8. I CAN do it

BTW, I need someone to ride with in the MS150. My riding partner, Jason, did two things that will preclude him from riding this year — he moved to San Francisco (which wasn’t going to keep wim away), and he broke his collarbone in two places riding last week (which WILL keep him away).

Any takers?

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