cease fire agreement does not cease to amaze

August 15, 2006

So here’s another reason I love my MSN Direct Watch; this weekend as the principals in the Middle East conflict were all agreeing to the cease fire, I was getting up to the minute reports “beeped” to me on my watch. To clarify, every time I get a “beep” I assume it’s going to be airliners smashing into buildings or a North Korean nuke going off somewhere in rural Japan. So, the news of the agreement is received as a relief — doubly so.

These, I believe three, messages carried a bit of wonder with them and, dare I say, humor. The first one came in, probably that the Lebenese Parliament had ratified the agreement unanimously. Certainly not “news flash” worthy — it’s like asking the shopowner if he’d like the customers to stop throwing the shopping carts at each other… through his plate glass windows.

The second message was the “Hezbollah message”. I was a bit surprised, but happy to see this. To finish this set of messages, the Israeli response was sure to come. I didn’t have to wait long…

(Editor’s Note – this would be more effective with exact language, but my 2-year old loves to play with the buttons on the watch, and well, the messages have been deleted.)

The Israeli’s are on board too! Excellent!

Wait… What’s this? “The cease fire will begin on Monday.”

“The cease fire will begin on Monday.”

So these idiots (yes, they’re idiots — all of them) are going to keep killing each other for another day and a half? Brilliant. I guess they need to send out all of the scouts on horseback to alert the troops of the change in battle status. Imagine how much better this will be when someone comes up with some sort of telephone or “talk box” that doesn’t need wires.

There’s a market there someone.

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