September 13, 2006

I’ve been thinking lately as I try to consume less, especially in the areas of plasticy crap and unnecessary consumer goods (a new lens for my camera is NOT UNNECESSARY!), that human-made items and art are under-appreciated in our society. Now there is almost no place on the planet that I’d less want to be than a craft-fair, but has accomplished something that even I can appreciate. I was initially sucked in by the user interface. There are so many FUN and well-conceived ways to plow through the goods listed on the site. And then there is the stuff. Sure, some of it looks exactly like the crap you expect to see at the church “crapft fair”, but the vast majority is appealing.

We’ve started slowly adding art to our house in the past few years and would like to continue that trend. I think will be a good place to continue that. I’d much rather buy something meaningful from an artist (and help support them) than swipe my card for something fleeting and mass-produced in a factory in the far east at Target.

What a hippy I’m becoming.

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