KitchenAid Proline Coffee Maker Part III – The Final Chapter

September 14, 2006

After a week of no contact from KitchenAid over the second defective coffee maker, they finally called and left a message. I was offered three options, a different color, wait 4 weeks for another replacement, or they’d buy it back.

I think she got as far as “or we can buy it b” before I answered “Option THREE!” It was like a game show.

Within 2 weeks I’ll be rid of these, and have check in hand.

I’m debating between the Capresso line and Bunn. Bunn is in the lead right now because of the ability to hook some of them up to the water line.

Any thoughts?

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  1. I’d recommend Capresso. I have used their CoffeeTEAM Therm and I think its a great product.

    Review at:

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