Thank You Amazon (with apologies to anyone who may read this)

September 15, 2006

So all of my ranting and raving actually worked. Someone at Amazon figured out what the problem was and at 7PM last night got the lens shipped out of Reno. It made the journey to Louisville and arrived in Minneapolis this morning at 7AM. The estimated delivery was still up in the air, but someone must’ve tossed it on the last truck out this morning. It arrived a little after noon today.

It’s beautiful — heavy, and I get to take it to Chicago with me.

P.S. I know, I know… “He’s a hypocrite! I thought he said he was going to return it!” I would have, if it had shown up next week while I was out of town. Am I planning on using Amazon again any time soon? No, but I have to thank whoever figured out the problem and found the 30mm f1.4 beauty that is now fastened to my Oly E-500.


One Response to “Thank You Amazon (with apologies to anyone who may read this)”

  1. Donald Says:

    Anyone else having trouble with Amazon deliveries?
    I am real late on a delivery of a book from the USPS, sent a good full week ago…was “estimated delivery” to be here last Thursday.
    I'm worried they may have lost it.
    Amazon did their job and had it out the morning after my order, but the clueless USPS…?
    Anyone one else have trouble?
    Thanks for the feedback..

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