Not a big fan of editing hostory (or history), but…

September 22, 2006

I wrote an entry last week when I was at my angriest with Amazon’s inability to ship my lens (which if you’ve been under a box the past couple of days — I love). The title was such that it had a pretty harsh curse word beginning with the letter “F” and then in parentheses an apology to one of my parents in case she happened to stumble across it.

I like to check my stats every day or so to see where the traffic is coming from. The last couple of days have had some of the most disturbing search queries I’ve seen. I’m going to change the title to hopefully curb this sort of thing. I’m not a big fan of attracting these people to my site.

(P.S. I know it will not do much to deter them, especially the Digg and folks, but at least as far as Google is concerned the search results should update in a day or so.)

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  1. Ang Says:

    It may also be the “First Shots” title? Just a thought.

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