The Vote

November 7, 2006

I’ll be hopping in my car in six hours to go cast my ballot. I just watched the HBO/Black Box Voting production of “Hacking Democracy” — it’s worth a view. Thanks to Diebold, I have no idea if my vote will count. It’s sad and amazingly frustrating.

Go to for the latest polling information. As of right now, it’s a tossup in the Senate (50 Dem, 49 GOP, 1 tie). The House should be heavily blue (polling 239 -196 Dems). If the Dems get the house, they can handcuff the White House quite nicely. If the House is still Republican-led after tomorrow, it’s time to burn this place to the ground — there will be no more democracy here.

For more information and what you can do — see

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