I love LifeHacker

November 10, 2006

(and now they love me!)


(even if they did think my link to photo.net made my name Philip Greenspun)

One Response to “I love LifeHacker”

  1. Adam Says:

    Ira- long time no “see”.

    It’s me, Adam (from Plural). It was great to stumble across you on the ‘hacker. LH is part of my daily routine. My little start-up, Ripshark, got some pub there a couple years ago.

    You look well–very well–and I hope things are good. I’d love to get together over coffee and hear about what you’re up to. Joe C. and I used to do a decent job of staying in touch, but have slacked off on that over the past year or so.

    Drop me an email sometime. Again, congrats.



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