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Google Adsense Sucks

March 23, 2007

I like almost all of the Google tools. Seriously. I use A LOT of them, but Adsense is “teh suck”.

I wrote a piece in October or November that created a tidal wave of traffic. I created another site and thought, hell, why not add some Adsense. I used to use it, might as well try to get that $23 that they’ve been holding hostage for two years.

Google seems to think that keeping my money, money they’ve already collected from advertisers for years, is their prerogative (and it’s not like I’m sharing int the interest or anything). Financially, it’s a huge boon for them as the average Adsense user probably NEVER cashes out at the $100 minimum amount.

I’ve been wanting to remove it from the site entirely for months — for a number of reasons, but I’ve left it up hoping to finally get to that magical $100 mark. At this rate, I’m about 3 months away.

At that point, I’ll take my check and give ’em the finger.

“Have you checked out GameFly?”

March 23, 2007

My lovely wife posed this question to me the other day. I was driving and talking on my cell phone (I almost NEVER do that, so calm down) and nearly crashed the car.

After I regained control of the wheel I hung up and started doing the math in my head — something I’m wont to do.

Here’s what I came up with in the “GameFly vs. Buying Games (the traditional way)” battle:

I’ve got 5 active game systems in the house –before you freak out too much about that, I’ve got three boys — 3 Nintendo DS, 1 Nintendo GameBoy Advance, and a Wii (and included GameCube functionality). Games are about $30 for the DS and GameCube, and $50 for the Wii (the Advance is my wife’s and she’s good long-term playing the $10 copy of Clue and Life boardgames).

We’ve gotten about a dozen games in DS library since December.

We’ve gotten three Wii games in the past three weeks.

Games cost about $6 to rent at the video store for 5 days.

Not including systems, we’ve (I’ve) spent about $500 on games in 4 months, and we play about 6 of them with any regularity. It doesn’t make sense to buy most games — “Mario Kart DS” being the exception that proves the rule. I bought two copies of Diddy Kong Racing DS for my oldest son and me to be able to play against each other and it sucked — totally sucked. That’s over $60 right there — or OVER THREE MONTHS OF GAMEFLY.

Oh, and another cool thing… if I completely love a game that I rent, there is a decent chance I can keep it for a significant discount off the cost of a new game.

Bottom Line:
4 months of GameFly (2 out at a time) = $88.
4 months of games in my house = $500.

While I know I won’t (hell, “can’t”) continue to spend like that, it’s a no brainer for GameFly on the tale-of-the-tape — and I can cancel at any time.

I know I’m not an “early adopter” here, but there are a ton of new people to the “video game” world with this latest generation of consoles. People like me who never would have considered a subscription service like GameFly.

I’ll let you know how it works out.

Got a Wii.

March 4, 2007

I’ve been looking in every store I’ve been in since the end of November for a Wii. I haven’t gone out of my way, but still… I look.

I still haven’t seen one in a store.

Thanks to my friend, Doug who lives in Fergus Falls, Minnesota, I now am a Wii owner. He’s got one and found another one, which he’ll be shipping my way tomorrow.

I’m looking forward to giving it a try.