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iPhone off the interstate? Oh the impotence you’ll feel.

August 31, 2008

I love my iPhone. I waited for the second generation in hopes of 3G (and waiting out my T-Mobile contract). I went with a Blackjack for the past year for email and rudimentary web browsing but it sucked like an Oreck.

When the time came, I knew there were going to be some growing pains. Battery life is pitiful for a phone — but I wasn’t looking for a phone. My professional life happens online. I needed an internet device that could also be phone when I needed it to be.

I got that in the city. I got that on the freeway. I’ve got a fancy iPod this weekend.

AT&T is worse at this outstate thing than T-Mobile and T-Mobile was monumentally shifty at it. Five minutes after leaving I-94 in Western Minnesota, I was doomed to my current unconnected state for 3 days.

I even drove around the hinterland today looking for bars — on my phone (there are no shortages of the other type). I got A bar once in the shadow of a huge cell tower, but it went away less than a half mile up the road. Lest you question the terrain, I am not exaggerating when I tell you this is one of the flattest places on the planet.

I don’t know how much blame belongs with AT&T and how much goes to Apple, but regardless, it’s been an extremely frustrating few days.

Guitar Hero DS (AKA the “Crippler”)

August 24, 2008

My nephew just had a birthday and as is often the case spent the night at the house at the bequest of the boys. Seriously, these kids are no older than 8 and they’ve had more sleepovers than I had in my entire juvenile existence. It’s nearly constant during the summer.

So, the nephew brought his new game, Guitar Hero On Tour. It’s more expensive than the typical DS game, but it comes with a nifty looking “guitar” peripheral.

Truth be told, I pretty much suck at Guitar Hero. We have it for the Wii and I finished Medium, started “Hard” and said, “Thank you! Goodnight Eagan!” I haven’t looked back.

I popped this DS version into the ol’ DS and gave it a whirl — and then my wrist cracked off and fell to the floor. This is a seriously flawed design. It’s pretty much a guarantee that you’re going to end up with with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I’d love to see Red Octane’s list of big investors. I’m betting there are a handful of Orthopedic doctors.

If you like the use of your hands, avoid this one.

Local writer…

August 23, 2008

But of course it has “sword-swinging paladins” and magicians… What choice did he have?

New Site:

August 23, 2008

Gave birth to a new site/blog today. It’s a site that I’ve been considering doing for well over a year. The glassyeyes site gets a lot of traffic and a small, but growing, percentage of the viewers have asked about my thoughts on contact lens retailers.

I only wear contacts for sports, but I needed some with the cold months coming — hockey anyone?

So the research began, the grid started to come to life and so did the site. I took a clean WordPress template and started beating on it to bend it to my will.

It’s called Take a look.

School Time Bag Time

August 22, 2008

Flash back to the end of August 2007. I arrived home from work — only a few weeks left before I would leave Avenet and start building a company that I had a piece of. The kids were just about to go to public school for the first time and Angela arrived home from shopping with their bags.

My heart sunk. Ang is wonderful at many things. Shopping for school bags in apparently not one of them. Bags are supposed to be my domain. I love a new bag to carry my stuff in. I know how to shop for them, I know how to look at the workmanship to see if it will hold up to the abuse. I also have a pretty good eye for knowing what will fit in the bag (and I’m pretty good at sniffing out a deal).

Owen came home with a big Darth Vader backpack. I had two thoughts: “total crap” and will be difficult to fit in the locker. It was both of those things but it held up better than I thought it would.

Field had a canvas messenger bag. Kids, especially elementary school kids shouldn’t have messenger bags — especially one like this. One area and a slot on the back for folder. Everything hung out of it. Messy.

The kids are vegetarian — like us which means they bring their lunches to school almost every day. Field’s would get clipped to the outside of his bag, making it even more difficult to carry.

This year it’s my turn and we’re starting a two-year bag rotation. Utility is the key. We’ll be checking REI, Altrec, and eBags to find the answer.