Guitar Hero DS (AKA the “Crippler”)

August 24, 2008

My nephew just had a birthday and as is often the case spent the night at the house at the bequest of the boys. Seriously, these kids are no older than 8 and they’ve had more sleepovers than I had in my entire juvenile existence. It’s nearly constant during the summer.

So, the nephew brought his new game, Guitar Hero On Tour. It’s more expensive than the typical DS game, but it comes with a nifty looking “guitar” peripheral.

Truth be told, I pretty much suck at Guitar Hero. We have it for the Wii and I finished Medium, started “Hard” and said, “Thank you! Goodnight Eagan!” I haven’t looked back.

I popped this DS version into the ol’ DS and gave it a whirl — and then my wrist cracked off and fell to the floor. This is a seriously flawed design. It’s pretty much a guarantee that you’re going to end up with with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I’d love to see Red Octane’s list of big investors. I’m betting there are a handful of Orthopedic doctors.

If you like the use of your hands, avoid this one.

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