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EA Relents (somewhat) on Spore DRM Backlash

September 20, 2008

Will Wright’s Spore is far and away the most anticipated video game of the past few years. We’ve seen game play videos for the past few years and each time it looked more and more promising. I watched and waited for it to arrive.

It was released on September 7th to a hugely negative response almost everywhere, mostly based on DRM (Digital Rights Management).

EA decided to add what many deemed as an oppressive DRM system to the game. Most people are more or less resigned to the fact that DRM exists and is a part of their media-buying life. iTunes does incredible DRM business and all those games selling on the iTunes App Store are proof that we’ve learned to live with it, if done mostly transparently. 

This is where the big stink starts. They set it up to allow three activations — total. After that, buy another license. Until hardware and operating systems are bullet-proof, this is a guaranteed fail. Many people I know rebuild their Windows machines at least yearly, so after two years, you’re on borrowed time.

Amazon’s reviews are currently at one and a half stars — almost entirely based on DRM:

The organized campaign of bitching seems to have worked — at least a bit. Electronic Arts has backed off slightly on the DRM scheme to allow 5 installs and the ability to de-authorize machines.

Read EA’s release here at

Maybe the pain of the iPhone SDK is worth it…

September 19, 2008

I think this is fascinating. The “Trism” iPhone game app in the app store has apparently brought in revenue to developer, Steve Demeter of $250,000 since July 11.

Nikon D90 Video — YIKES!

September 19, 2008

At a meeting the other night, talk turned to the new breed of dSLRs that allow you to shoot video — even HD video — through your fancy lenses. I did a few searches and…

…we might not be quite there yet. Here is some video shot through a Nikon D90 — an otherwise excellent camera from all accounts.

Beautiful Writing Shack — WANT!

September 19, 2008

I’ve been dreaming and sketching up ideas for something like this in the forest in my back yard since we moved in six years ago. 

It’s a recurring theme on Mark Frauenfelder and Mister Jalopy’s new “Dinosaurs and Robots” blog.

Simple iPhone Solution: How To Delete Apps

September 18, 2008


It’s easy.

Hold your finger over the app you want to delete until it goes all shaky.

If you can delete it, a little black circle with an ‘X’ will appear in the top corner.

Click, done.