How much does a Pro-Blogger make? Is it worth it?

October 2, 2008

Michael Agger at Slate recently wrote a piece on this topic. It has some interesting numbers (Kottke $5,300/mo, Perez Hilton $111,000/mo) and ideas on the professional blogger industry, which I oddly find myself a part of over the past two years.

Agger over-simplifies things based on page views. Kottke’s “wage per pageview” is significantly lower than mine — he gets roughly 10 times the unique visitors that GlassyEyes gets.

I’ve always been more of a quality over quantity guy, but I see both sides. I see Kottke and Zen Habits as two very different sites. They’re both blogs, they both have solid content, but there seems to be an adjective missing to describe the differences.

I like longer posts in the morning while I have coffee and like the quick-hitting posts throughout the day to keep me on top of the pulse of the internet. 

As a blogger, is it worth it? It has been for me. With the web development at a virtual stand-still, any income is good income and if it keeps me out of a cube for even another month, it’s great. On the other hand, I still suffer from an inability to put guardrails around my time. I could do this 16 hours a day (and sometimes do) and still never “catch up”. If I want my kids to know my name, I need to be a juggler.

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