Is Twitter Killing Your Blogging Muse?

October 5, 2008

I’ve been Twittering pretty seriously for the past few months and I wonder if it’s having an effect on the blogging. I’ve never been more productive on the blogging front, so that part of me says no — at least not a negative impact. 

On the positive side, I’ve gotten quite a bit of inspiration from a number of the people I follow and who message me directly. On the negative side, I hear the voice in my head reciting any of my creative writing professors warning of “telling the story before it is written.”

I think the key to all of this is to hold back the really great stuff — the bloggable stuff — for any of the various blogs and use Twitter to filter out the quick hitting stuff and to bitch about general items.

Overall, as silly as I thought Twitter was to begin with, I think it can be a positive if you let it.

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One Response to “Is Twitter Killing Your Blogging Muse?”

  1. thingles Says:

    Twitter really hurts my blogging. I find that if I twitter a lot it releases any “pent up” writing I have in small increments and I blog less. I really don’t like this, and want to focus more on my blog. Twitter is neat, but it’s the equivalent of a sound bite.

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