Twin Cities Code Camp: MVC good. SharePoint sent me packing.

October 12, 2008

I attended the bi-annual Twin Cities Code Camp yesterday for I believe the 4th time. It was decidedly less Ruby-ish as it has been in the past — which is good and bad. 

SharePoint is something I used to spend an awful lot of time thinking about early in the millennium. I wrote some courseware that got cancelled at the burst of the first internet bubble, and really knew the ins and outs of the first version and a half of the product. It was messy then — and messy now.

The SharePoint presentation that I attended was filled with all sorts of hacks just to get basic functionality working. Yuck. The presenter had all sorts of lines like, “Create your classes as text files and then change the extension. Not sure why, but you’ll get errors if you don’t.” I’m sorry, but eight years into a product lifecycle that shit needs to be fixed. It didn’t make me want to jump in with both feet again. Even BizTalk looks like a blast in comparison.

On the other hand, Chris Sutton gave a nice presentation into ASP.NET MVC and using it with jQuery and Yahoo! UI. This preview release, alternative to traditional ASP.NET web forms is clean and very attractive. I’ve been doing my own hybrid MVC for years with ASP and ASP.NET. I’m definitely interested in unpacking this and using it in a real-world project. 

All-in-all, it was worth going, but not enough to hang around for the end.

Of course the weather dudes blew the forecast too, so within an hour of leaving to enjoy the rest of what was promised as a “glorious fall day”, the thunder started — about a minute after I got the fire going in the fire pit out back.

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