Damn! It’s Quiet In Here (thanks to the c820s)!

November 24, 2008

imageA couple of months ago, before I took an onsite contracting gig, I had been working from home for over a year. It was quite pleasant for nine months out of the year — more or less quiet with two of the three kids off at school.

Then summer came — and the kids were home — all day.

Productivity ground to a halt and prime work hours slipped back to the 9PM – 2AM slot.

I happened to be looking for a deal (as I am wont to do) on a winter coat for one of the kids at the local TJMaxx and as I turned the corner out of the overstock, oversized (even for “Phat Farm”) pants aisle, I saw them hanging on the end cap (unopened) – near some miscellaneous third and probably even fourth-party iPod accessories.

A pair of noise-canceling headphones at a price I could afford – $39. I immediately took them off the rack and popped them in my cart. I’d read about the c820s when I was researching them a few months back, but even at the Amazon price of $99 they were a bit more than I could pony up for. 

The Jabra c820s has gotten many favorable reviews, and at $200 – $300 less than the Bose entriesTo get even close to the Bose’ performance for $100 is well worth it. For $40? I feel like I won a very small lottery.

Mowing the lawn, leaf-blowing, dimming the kid noise… they work great at all of these tasks.

Thumbs up.

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