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Spent a Week In Alexandria

August 18, 2007

stingray sunsetWe just got back to town after a week of boating in Alexandria, Minnesota. It’s our nearly yearly pilgrimage back to the lakes. This time with the new boat, we had an exceptionally good time. Lots of swimming and such and I even picked up a knee board which was a lot of fun until I dug the nose in crossing the wake at about 25MPH. My face was going much faster than that when it hit the water.

After recognizing that I still had the use of my legs and arms, I figured my nose must surely be broken, but the absence of blood proved that wrong. Turned out I was fine (apart from not being 17 years old for the last 20 years). My back is still sore, but I’m none worse for the wear.

I look forward to getting out a few more times during the boating season.

We stayed out on the water late on Sunday night with hopes of checking out the Perseid Meteor Shower, but the kids got tired before the show started. I caught about a dozen of them in the sky and reflected in the water as I cleaned up the boat and snapped on the cover.

I love the lake.

Upgraded the Boat

June 18, 2007

We’ve had an old boat the past two years and it served us relatively well. We had a lot of fun, but it was old (so old that Ang used to ride on it as a kid), and unreliable (it started 2 out of every 3 times we hit the lake). It was an old tri-hull, so it beat the hell out of us when the wind was whipping up the waves. We loved it…

But it was time to move on. After weeks of hemming and hawing and pouring over reviews and reliablity statistics, we went with a Stingray 185LS. I like it because of the seating configurations possible, the fuel efficiency (it’s got the 3.0 l Volvo-Penta), and it’s ability — even with the smaller engine — to get up and out of the water in a hurry. It has a top speed approaching 50 Mph –which is really moving on the water.

Now if I could just get on the water. The problem with living in the cities is that you’ve got a limited number of lakes to use. So does the guy down the street — and the two families another block over. Multiply this by the tens of thousands of blocks in the area and… well. Weekends are the time everyone expects to be able to get out. It ain’t easy.

Maybe next year we’ll finally have to get the lake lot up North.