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KitchenAid Proline Coffee Maker Part III – The Final Chapter

September 14, 2006

After a week of no contact from KitchenAid over the second defective coffee maker, they finally called and left a message. I was offered three options, a different color, wait 4 weeks for another replacement, or they’d buy it back.

I think she got as far as “or we can buy it b” before I answered “Option THREE!” It was like a game show.

Within 2 weeks I’ll be rid of these, and have check in hand.

I’m debating between the Capresso line and Bunn. Bunn is in the lead right now because of the ability to hook some of them up to the water line.

Any thoughts?

KitchenAid Proline Coffee Maker (#2) Burned Hand — Could’ve Burned Down the House

September 1, 2006

So I got tired of replacing $50 coffee makers every 6 months when the heating elements failed or the electronics fizzled out and decided in March to spend some money and get a nice machine. I debated between a coffee maker and an espresso machine but settled on the coffee maker. I like my espresso, but in the morning I like to come downstairs to a piping hot cup (or six) of regular coffee (with good fresh beans).

I’m lazy and the espresso game is a bit on the physically intensive side for me at 6:30AM.

Anyway, back to the reason for this post. I bought the KitchenAid ProLine Coffee Maker and loved it. It’s a tank — truly commercial grade — or so I thought. After a couple of months, the water sensor inside began to fail. There are three levels. It needs to be at least filled to the first level in order to turn it on. After filling the machine, the second and third level sensors would come on, but we’d need to wait 10 minutes for the first level sensor to register that there was water in the machine. This effectively locked the machine until it caught up.

A few weeks ago we finally called KitchenAid for a replacement. One thing that sold me was the 2-year replacement warranty. When I spend $300 on a coffee maker, it better have a good warranty that I should never need to use. I needed to use it this time. The new machine arrived on Wednesday. I got it all set up in Wednesday evening, cleaned it, set the clock, set the timer and ground some beans. I went to bed. In the morning I came down and it smelled a bit like a roasting house. Not too strong, actually pretty good. About a minute after I got downstairs it started and sizzled when the first drops hit the bottom of the pot. I thought, “man, that heated up in a hurry!”

I was on the phone and didn’t think much about it. A while later I heard a sizzling sound and realized that even on low heat this thing was boiling the coffee — a nice rolling boil. I turned it off, emptied what was left in the pot into the insulated carafe and went to work.

I picked up the kids after work and upon getting home decided to make another pot. I picked up the pot with my right hand and grabbed the bottom with my left.


After peeling the pot off of my hand with the top layer of skin still attached it dropped into the sink — miraculously not breaking. The second degree burn on my hand is a testament to the faulty wiring in the replacement. We’re lucky that our house didn’t burn down. Even when it was ‘Off’ the heating element was ‘VERY ON’. It’s unplugged now, but I think about how the heating pad was on (in an unnaturally high position) for 24 hours just by being plugged into the wall.

KitchenAid has yet to reply to my email. It’s been over 24 hours (and the blister is in full effect). I’m pretty sure I don’t want #3.