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Your Training Will Begin Next Week…

March 6, 2006

So Ang, God love her, got a new job. She’s been a Health Unit Coordinator (HUC) for the past year or so at a big local hospital. She needs to do something patient-facing along with her CNA certification to strengthen her resume for nursing school. This new position as a Psych Associate will fit the bill nicely and will add even more of a challenge to her life. I’m proud as hell of her. The bonus of this, is that it works pretty well around our schedule. I come in early on Mondays and every other Friday and leave early and she works a half-time position in the evenings. There is very little child care we need to coordinate. She accepted the position a few weeks ago, middle of February I think. She starts next week — 6.5 days from now.Today… Let that sink in for a second… she get’s a notice with her training schedule. FULL TIME DAYS FOR TWO WEEKS — starting, as I’ve mentioned — in 6.5 days.

Full-time days… for two weeks. Holy shit, how are we going to deal with that? And wouldn’t a little more time have been nice to set something up? So, our options right now are paying a small fortune to someone to watch the kids for a couple of weeks during the day, making the fruits of her labor for the training minus the childcare costs plus the inconvienice of finding someone to watch the kids for a couple of weeks during the day equal a big negative number, OR having me watch the kids at a time when we’re trying to wrap up a project at work and then trying to backfill at night.

This is tough — and could have been avoided had someone alerted Ang to this “situation” a bit further out than 6.5 days.

TV is back (sort of)

February 10, 2006

Last week, we reintroduced limited use of the television in the house. We’re giving the kids a half-hour in the morning after breakfast (so we can get stuff done) and a half hour before dinner as this can quickly turn into tantrum-time making it more difficult to actually get them the dinner they need to get past it.Ang and I still are keeping our distance, although we watched the “Firefly” DVDs during the month of January. Good stuff.

So I’m not thrilled about it, but it will help keep tempers down a few of the hectic times during the day. We went just over 5 months. I personally am not looking back.

googled myself and found my great-great-great-great grandfather

September 20, 2005

This page has a blurb about the first Ira Canfield Mitchell — my Great-Great-Great Grandfather (and his parents). I’m the fifth, but I think not technically, as I found out a while back that a generation was skipped early on (I’m such a fraud!). Anyway, it’s a trip to think about this guy who has been dead for 125 years who I share a name with and his father the Reverend Nathan J. Mitchell (who apparently married well). Ira Canfield Mitchell was born at Howard, Centre Co., Pa. He is a son of Rev. Nathan J. Mitchell and Mrs. Sarah B. Mitchell, who was a sister of ex-Governor William F. Packer; educated at the public schools of his native township, and at Dickinson Seminary; admitted to the bar on motion of ex-Governor Andrew G. Curtin, at Bellefonte, Centre Co., April 28, 1854; practiced successfully until 1862; went to the West and had a successful career until 1877, when he returned to Lock Haven, where he has since remained.

Among the many highly respected citizens of the borough may be mentioned the Rev. Nathan J. Mitchell, the head of the Disciples’ Church in Central Pennsylvania. He was born March 2, 1808, in Washington County, this State, and came to Howard in 1832 from Stark County, Ohio, where he had just married a sister of Governor Packer. Mr. Mitchell is a man of great intelligence, being well informed on general topics as well as the doctrines of his church, and has many warm personal friends in Centre County.

why is there no flickering in that house?

August 23, 2005

Spent the evening last night unplugging, boxing and storing the televisions, DVD players, VCRs, ReplayTV and the Xbox. We’re going cold turkey.Watching the boys beat on each other with light sabers all day and play superheros “killing” each other was a bit too much. It’s not so much that we’re against this kind of play, it’s that it’s pretty much all that they do right now in the house. Outside it’s more of the same (with quite a bit of baseball thrown in). We’re going to get out more and stop using the TV as a crutch around the house. We figured it’d be a lot easier to do it this way than have to legislate when TV was OK. We’ve tried it and it doesn’t work for us.

School is starting, Ang will have her hands full with that during the day and taking Microbiology at night. I’ve got a million projects around the house I need to work on and some programming tasks I’ve been putting off for months. We also want to read more. I don’t like the idea of getting dumber as I get older and this is a good step.

It’ll also give us a bit of a shot in the arm financially as we’ve cancelled the digital cable and netflix and a few of the pieces we have will bring in a few bucks to help with Owen’s tuition.

If you’re interested in a gently-used ReplayTV (5040) with commerical-skip, internet-sharing (two features no longer available anywhere) and an included lifetime subscription, I’ve got one available for $300. I’ve also got an Xbox with a ton of games (Halo 2, Rainbow Six 3, NFL 2K5, MLB 2K5, Lego Star Wars, the GTA double set – GTA Vice city unopened, a bunch of other Live games — in the neighborhood of 30 or so) for $400. I’ve not a “gamer” and apart from a month of Field playing Lego Star Wars last spring, this is a lightly-used box and works great.

We also have a 27″, 20″ and an inexpensive 19″ TV if you need one.

Lemme know.

vacation / harley party

August 2, 2005

Got back on Saturday from a week in Alexandria. I love it up there. We got sandwiched between a couple of hot, vacation-worthy in-the-water-all-day weeks with a cool and supremely windy week. We made the best of it. Lots of boating. Being on the chain of lakes made it possible, if not a bit perilous getting there. There always seemed to be whitecaps breaking right at the end of the boat lift, so getting out and turning into the wind needed to be done quickly. The old boat ran great — lots of fun.The youngest decided that his normal 7:15ish wake-up time wasn’t nearly early enough and cracked 6AM once and 6:30 twice. Wouldn’t have sucked that badly if there wasn’t an old couple staying downstairs. Anyway, as we always do, we drove around looking at cabins and lakehomes drooling. I could live up there — so could Ang and the boys. They love the water.

On Saturday evening, after we finished unpacking the Harley’s started rolling in at the neighbor’s house. The newly-widowed lady has a new beau. He turned 58 on Saturday and they had a party. Wouldn’t have been too bad, except for the big(or is it small)-dick-swinging noise competition. Those damn bikes are loud. I hate them. The noise and language caused us to spend the rest of the afternoon indoors, but I did get to see a couple of tramps give the birthday boy a double shirts up salute which he enjoyed with his face. Nice.

“We won’t be here too long”, was the explanation from the son, but at 1AM, things were still going with lots of yelling and a subtle cloud of the chronic wafting through the back yard. At 6AM, the jackasses were leaving. Did I mention the noisy bikes? This had better be an isolated incident.

My cartoon bubble of the goings on late night into early morning has a gaggle of limbs, heads and asses in varying degrees of undress in a wriggling pile on the floor…shudder. Her ‘ol doctor husband would be mighty mighty proud I’m sure.