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“Have you checked out GameFly?”

March 23, 2007

My lovely wife posed this question to me the other day. I was driving and talking on my cell phone (I almost NEVER do that, so calm down) and nearly crashed the car.

After I regained control of the wheel I hung up and started doing the math in my head — something I’m wont to do.

Here’s what I came up with in the “GameFly vs. Buying Games (the traditional way)” battle:

I’ve got 5 active game systems in the house –before you freak out too much about that, I’ve got three boys — 3 Nintendo DS, 1 Nintendo GameBoy Advance, and a Wii (and included GameCube functionality). Games are about $30 for the DS and GameCube, and $50 for the Wii (the Advance is my wife’s and she’s good long-term playing the $10 copy of Clue and Life boardgames).

We’ve gotten about a dozen games in DS library since December.

We’ve gotten three Wii games in the past three weeks.

Games cost about $6 to rent at the video store for 5 days.

Not including systems, we’ve (I’ve) spent about $500 on games in 4 months, and we play about 6 of them with any regularity. It doesn’t make sense to buy most games — “Mario Kart DS” being the exception that proves the rule. I bought two copies of Diddy Kong Racing DS for my oldest son and me to be able to play against each other and it sucked — totally sucked. That’s over $60 right there — or OVER THREE MONTHS OF GAMEFLY.

Oh, and another cool thing… if I completely love a game that I rent, there is a decent chance I can keep it for a significant discount off the cost of a new game.

Bottom Line:
4 months of GameFly (2 out at a time) = $88.
4 months of games in my house = $500.

While I know I won’t (hell, “can’t”) continue to spend like that, it’s a no brainer for GameFly on the tale-of-the-tape — and I can cancel at any time.

I know I’m not an “early adopter” here, but there are a ton of new people to the “video game” world with this latest generation of consoles. People like me who never would have considered a subscription service like GameFly.

I’ll let you know how it works out.

Happy New Year.

January 6, 2007

It’s been awhile. I’ve been so busy with the GlassyEyes site, that things here have quieted down a bit too much.

I got a new lens for the camera. I used my “bonus” from work to get me most of the way towards the gorgeous and VERY flexible, Zuiko Digital 14-54mm f/2.8-3.5 zoom for the Olympus “Four Thirds” system. I’m very impressed, but have had little time to actually use it. I need a trip somewhere to put it through its paces — and to regain some perspective before things get crazy around here again. I plan a detailed review of the differences between it and the 14-45mm f/3.5-5.6 in the coming weeks.

I bought a Nintendo DS Lite for my birthday and have been “gaming” with the guys at work and the kids at home (but only on weekends!). Great little piece of hardware. I remember thinking, “what a contrived system that is,” when they announced it, but I was completely wrong. Some of the best user interfaces, and control schemes I’ve ever seen.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season.

got a dreamcast and have been out kiting

April 12, 2001

Ang finally caved and allowed me to get a Dreamcast. It rules. It is an amazing system — a shame that they are stopping production. Having played it and the Playstation 2 at work, the Dreamcast wins hands down if for no other reason than doubles Virtua Tennis.Robert has gotten me into kiting. Bought a 5 square foot parafoil and got it our today. Robert, got the 7.5 square foot and hoisted his original digital camera up to snap some pictures. Too cool.

Ang is taking an improv class at the Brave New Institute. She’s about to start her second class. She’s really enjoying it. I can tell.

Field is turning 1 next weekend and is getting more an more fun each and every day. He’s truly the coolest kid ever.

Up to Ang’s folks in Twin Valley this weekend for Easter. I’m actually looking forward to a roadtrip.